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Damarie: Internet Mirage or Actual Person?

Welcome to!

I'm really excited to have someplace to share ALL THE THINGS with you.

Now that I'm out of college, it's difficult to find others who get quite as excited as I do about scanned synthesis, or programming microcontrollers, or the differences between just intonation and tempered tuning.  And even though there are corners of the Internet full of other excited people, it's a little intimidating because, well, I dabble. If your average forum user who likes to use analog synthesizers has a knowledge score of 10, I have a score of 7, because I stashed those extra 3 points in something else (coughlinguisticscough) completely unrelated.

So this is a place where I can get excited about things, and if you are excited about those things too but don't quite feel like a pro, or are just getting started and can't make heads or tails out of the acronyms on other blogs and websites dedicated to those things ("what on earth is the HGA??") this blog is to help you get there.

Let's go create something amazing.

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